iConsole.tv to Support Valve’s SteamOS®

In our last update, we talked a lot about hardware. We announced that we’re building iConsole.tv atop Intel’s revolutionary Iris® graphics technology. And, we promised that we would be turning our focus to software in our next update.

Today, we’re making good on that promise. We’re pleased to be the first company outside the Valve ecosystem to be pledging support for SteamOS inside of a set-top box. This also makes iConsole.tv the first Android device that is capable of rocking SteamOS.

In case you haven’t heard of SteamOS, it’s a Linux-powered operating system that tightly integrates the Steam game store, with its own user interface… and even, its own controller. It’s designed to make a PC into something closer to a gaming console.

We love innovation. We believe iConsole.tv and the Android platform are capable of true console-quality gaming. We think Android is the best solution for console-quality gaming in the long run. We’re ramping up and evolving Android to do just that. But, we also feel that SteamOS is going to shake up the PC gaming industry – and we’re going to support SteamOS inside of our Android experience.

iConsole.tv is designed to be a 2-in-1 purchase experience. It’s a gaming console out of the box, but can transform with a few clicks into a fully functional PC. We’ll be sharing the story of what we’re doing to Android in that regard soon. But, we think SteamOS plays to this 2-in-1 experience as well. Android game developers for the first time can ramp up with iConsole.tv, giving them direct access to the console marketplace of gaming. And, with SteamOS, traditional console and PC game developers will feel right at home on iConsole.tv as well.

Much of this is made possible because Android, underneath it all, uses the same Linux technology that will power SteamOS. By combining Android and Intel Iris graphics technology, we’re able to create an experience for iConsole.tv that leverages both jointly. The result? A more powerful console, designed to make games more affordable.

Make no mistake, Android can deliver the same caliber of gaming quality as SteamOS, and we’re committed to giving new tools to make that possible. We’re slating a major update to Unit 00, our iConsole.tv Developer Kit in early November that will help unlock even more horsepower from what is already the most powerful Android on the market today.

The experience is key to us. Typically, to install SteamOS on a PC, you’re looking at installing an operating system. And you’re juggling bootloaders, changing UEFI settings, repartitioning hard drives. Yucky stuff. We’re going to take care of all that for you. Our goal is one-click launching from inside iConsole Home, the amazing Android user experience that we’re building today for iConsole.tv. It’s not only doable, we’re going to make it happen, and we’re aiming to have it ready on iConsole.tv the very day SteamOS is available to all.

SteamOS builds on technologies that we’re already engineering for iConsole.tv. It will stand alongside the radical new Linux Desktop feature that we are also building atop Android. The Linux Desktop differs from SteamOS, in that its goal will be to provide people with a traditional desktop operating system look, feel, and backwards compatibility with three decades of PC apps, games, and utilities… and one button away from inside of iConsole Home, all within our rendition of Android.

Today, we’re extending the olive branch to SteamOS. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be talking a bit more about the hardware as we start to lock things down, and also start to show off some of the great innovations we’re adding to Android as well.

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