Tech Specs & FAQ

Unit 00 – The iConsole Developer Kit

Unit 00 is a forerunner to our production iConsole.tv family of gaming consoles and Android desktops. These will feature Iris graphics technology. We’re using overclocked, custom-taylored 4th Generation Intel Core processors to give developers a hands-on look into the future of high-performance Android gaming and computing. In other words, Unit 00 is designed for developers. We don’t recommend it for consumers.

Overclocked 4th Generation Intel Core Processor
Intel Iris Graphics Technology
Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports with Android Debug Bridge (ADB) Support
802.11n Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 4.0
Twin 500GB 7200 RPM Hard Drives
Android Jelly Bean + Hands-on Support Setting up SteamOS*

Legal: SteamOS and Steam are registered trademarks of Valve Corporation. No endorsements are expressed or implied.

Production iConsole Models

We expect to announce production iConsole models very soon, mid-Winter in fact. Stay tuned as we take the hardware prototyped with Unit 00 into mass-production. While the hardware will be different in production, game developers who start building games with Unit 00 will be the most prepared for how we’ll be shaking up Android.


Q: When do you expect to make iConsole.tv available?
A: We hope to have iConsole.tv in general availability around this Winter. We are not committing to a launch date, and will align our timetable with developer feedback.

Q: Why will games cost less on iConsole.tv?
A: Our goal is to cut the cost of games by taking less royalties. Unlike some of the competition, we won’t be selling iConsole.tv at a loss.

Q: How does iConsole.tv stack up to other next-generation consoles?
A: We have built iConsole.tv to not compete with Android devices this year, but specifically to compete with the next generation of gaming consoles. But, like other next-generation consoles, we’re still building iConsole.tv – so stay tuned.

Q: Will iConsole.tv work as a PC? Can I plug in a keyboard, mouse, and monitor?
A: Yes, while iConsole.tv is designed to be a gaming console first, it’s also the most powerful PC built for Android. We’re taking Android to the desktop like never before. iConsole will work with USB and Bluetooth keyboards, mice, and DVI/HDMI monitors. Some services may not be available without an HDCP-compatible monitor. VGA displays are not planned to be supported at release.

Q: Does iConsole.tv require an “always on” Internet connection to play games?
A: No! Only purchasing games from the iConsole Store will require an active Internet connection. After purchase, you will be able to play games offline.

Q: How will I buy games and apps?
A: The iConsole Store will be available from day one on iConsole.tv. We expect other application stores, such as Amazon’s Appstore for Android and Steam for Linux, to also be compatible. But, to be clear, we haven’t talked to either Amazon or Valve about support for iConsole.tv. We have announced platform-level compatibility for both apps, based on their publicized requirements and our own testing.

Q: Can I run any Android or Linux app on iConsole.tv?
A: Most games and apps on both platforms will work on iConsole.tv with minimal modification. The iConsole.tv Developer Program exists to provide developers with an emerging set of tools to enhance their games and apps for iConsole.tv. Sideloading will also allow for people to bring their own apps to the device, but apps on the iConsole Store will provide the best experience.

Q: Is iConsole.tv powered by Ubuntu for Android?
A: No. We are using our own in-house solution to provide a Linux Desktop from inside the Android System. We do expect our Linux Desktop functionality to generally be Ubuntu-compatible however.

Q: Is iConsole.tv powered by Android-x86.org?
A: No. While we admire and appreciate the efforts of the Android-x86.org community, we are not using it for iConsole.tv. The state of Android-x86.org’s project is not stable enough to support a consumer device.

Q: Will Google Play be on iConsole.tv?
A: We will not stand in the way of Google offering Google Play on iConsole.tv. It’s up to Google, we haven’t heard from them on the subject. iConsole.tv is designed to be Android-compatible from the ground up.

Q: Can I buy a developer kit?
A: Unit 00, the iConsole.tv Developer Kit is only for developers. Please don’t try to buy one unless you are actually a developer. If you are a developer, visit the iConsole.tv Developer Program to learn more.

Q: Will iConsole support 3DTV?
A: Eventually. All iConsole units, including Unit 00, have hardware underpinnings to support 3D. Android does not natively support 3D stereoscopic display at this time, but we’ve made sure to select hardware that supports it under-the-hood.

Q: What sharing formats will iConsole.tv support?
A: We will initially support both DLNA and Miracast, with eventual support for both client and server functionality, alongside protected DLNA content. More details will be available in the near future, and formats are subject to change during development.

Q: Will I be able to use the built-in hard drive to backup my home computers to iConsole.tv?
A: Backups of Mac and PC machines will require a separate USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 hard drive, which will not be included. Backing up Windows PCs and OS X Macintosh computers simultaneously will require multiple USB hard drives.

Q: Will iConsole.tv Support 4K?
A: Our expectation is that yes, we will support 4K out of the gate. We currently offer some developer kits with DisplayPort that can scale to 4K. We are working to implement 4K on production iConsole models for consumers.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Yes, we are! Visit MMV.mobi/jobs to learn more.