An Update & Upgrade to Unit 00

Today, we’re announcing that we have launched full support (on our end) for SteamOS® on our Unit 00 Developer Kit.

First, we need to warn you that SteamOS is in a very early beta. None of what you see in terms of implementation is final, especially in terms of integration. We are maintaining our recommendation that ordinary consumers not attempt to purchase Unit 00, it is the iConsole Developer Kit for a reason.

For starters, we’re making a small change to Unit 00 itself. We are upgrading units shipping as of today, with twin 500GB 7200 RPM hard drives. This is a change from our single 500GB SSHD configuration. We chose this to avoid having to wreak havoc on your Unit 00 each time there’s a major update to Android. Obviously, production iConsole units will upgrade Android gracefully, but we’re still finalizing partition layouts over the next month.

By having two drives, you’ll be able to develop for Android and SteamOS, without updates for one impacting the other. Production iConsole units will not require two hard drives to get this job done, we promise.

Finally, SteamOS is not preinstalled. We’re going to walk you through downloading SteamOS and setting it up on that second hard drive. We recognize some developers will prefer to install a traditional Linux installation, as recommended to Steam developers currently.

We will have online guides available starting later this week, but we promise to reach out to each and every Unit 00 developer personally. At no cost to you, we’ll set up a call, Google+ hangout, Skype call – whatever works best. We’ll walk you personally through downloading, installing, and tuning SteamOS for Unit 00.

Currently, we recommend wiping and reinstalling SteamOS on Unit 00 with each update, so this is not a major burden since you’ll have to do this periodically with each SteamOS development update. Once we walk you through it, you’ll be ready to deploy future SteamOS beta releases.

We realize many have questions on how SteamOS will work in the production iConsole.tv and in other iConsole-branded systems. Rest assured, we’re working on that right now, and we’re stopping for no one. We hope to share a major update on the consumer launch of iConsole.tv, around the end of next month.

If you want to learn more about Unit 00, the iConsole Developer Kit, check out developer.iconsole.tv.

P.S. If you already have Unit 00, fear not. There’s a free 500 GB hard drive with your name on it, check your email (or just email us and ask for one).

Legal: SteamOS and Steam are registered trademarks of Valve Corporation. No endorsements are expressed or implied.

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